Scents of time

Perfume bottle
Perfumes are ephemeral beings. Open the bottle stopper and they evaporate, soon lost to time. Lost even faster than the stone visage of Ozymandias. But they can be trapped in time by disasters such as shipwrecks, volcanic explosions or earthquakes and re-discovered intact.
Or the souls of their core flowers can be captured with sophisticated scientific apparatus and 'aromaprinted'
Or their formulae can literally be the writing on the wall
Or remnants of their aromatic materials can be pieced together again much like at a crime scene
And once again these marvellous scents of the ancients can be brought to life.

Welcome to Scents of Time


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Scents of Time is a company formed by entrepreneur David Pybus with sponsorship backing by Dragons' Den Theo Paphitis and Peter Jones. To date it has created five historic perfumes for women and scents for men.

NIGHT STAR  Inspired by findings on RMS Titanic perfumes

MAYA             Inspired by a true story about a sacrificial cenote well at Chichen Itza

ANKH             Inspired by the incense findings in the tomb of Tutankhamun and a formula on the Temple walls at Edfu

PYXIS             Inspired by findings of burnt seeds in the garden of a perfumer at Pompeii perfume

NENUFAR     Inspired by the head spacing of the Blue Lotus flower- the core aroma of Cleopatra's perfume

Watch this space for the new launches of AURUM- the scent of the Ancient Olympics and CHRISM the anointing oil used in European Coronation ceremony.

Watch this space also for a Titanic perfume competition- starting April 2  9 bottles of NIGHT STAR perfume are up for grabs to commemorate the 99th anniversary of that ill- fated liner.


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