About David Pybus

David Pybus

David Pybus is a twenty first century Alchemist and Aromancer.

His mission in life is to get people to stop their frenetic living from time to time and to smell the roses (or the coffee!)

Also known as the Indiana Jones of the perfume industry (he is also known as the Perfume Hunter, since Hunter is his middle Christian name) he has spent a large part of his life searching for, collecting and re-creating perfumes from history. Fragrances which have stood the test of time and proved to be remarkably fit for modern days.

After all cinnamon has been cinnamon, and rose rose, for millennia. Nothing is new under the sun and the ancients blended perfumes just as well as any contemporary nose. David is also a best selling author of a number of books on perfumery, with two more books due to be launched this year, and more , including ?Scents of Time? the stories behind these discoveries, ready for a publisher.

Books by David Pybus

David Pybus (Aromancer) book - Scentsoftime.co.uk - Chemistry of Fragrances
Chemistry of Fragrances (with others) Royal Society of Chemistry
David Pybus (Aromancer) book - Scentsoftime.co.uk - Kodo
David Pybus (Aromancer) book - Scentsoftime.co.uk - Transports of Delight
Transports of Delight Global Oriental
David Pybus (Aromancer) book - Scentsoftime.co.uk - Led by the Nose
Led By the Nose Awaiting an enlightened publisher

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